Give the Gift of Protecting Yourself

Annette Rochelle Aben

As we all know, our blogs, emails, and other internet sites are protected by things such as user names and passwords. In order for me to allow my computer to use for the day, I have to provide a password. Having passwords is necessary, to be sure, however keeping your password a secret might not be the best thing.

Recently, the blogging community has been abuzz with the information that one of our own is experiencing a downturn in her health. Her daughter has reached out to inform everyone of her mother’s condition. In her frustration, she has stated that because she doesn’t have her mother’s passwords, she cannot manage her mother’s affairs.

Addressing this topic, I took it upon myself to provide a trusted friend with ALL the information she might need to manage my accounts, should I not be able to function in that capacity. This includes information…

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