Consider the Plight of the Frown


Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Kudos…..finding you at TSF with your cheers in my early
morning wake up is like finding water when we thirst, food
when we hunger and light when there is darkness…so a cheer for your

Consider the Plight of the Frown by Denny Lancaster

Consider the plight of the frown,
where in TSF is one rarely found;
The uplifted frown is a wide grin,
and with cheering it does begin.

The cheer is more than a mere word,
as a Spirit Faerie this you have heard;
And as you begin your dusting with glee,
nary a sour note or dusting you will see.

There is a reason for this of course,
for at work in our midst is a force;
Whose power leads us all with her hand,
Spirit Faeries are members of a proud band

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