Salina, KS, First Ever Comicon 18 JUNE 2017


So the story goes that hubby took both of us to the first ever comicon in Salina, KS. My amusement started off fast when hubby said he couldn’t drop me off at the box office due to police vehicle not allowing anyone through. Quite funny as he then realized that a “Zombie Response Team” with lights flashing wasn’t what he thought it was, and yes, he was rather embarrassed. 


Then we walked inside and the first booth caught my attention right away as a wonderful artist had been found. Anyone who knows me certainly knows I love art!


Had we a granddaughter in tow (or a granddaughter at all for that matter), the Little Mermaid would have enraptured her completely. Yes she is standing among some of the artworks done by the aforementioned man, of whom I should have found out what his name was, and his contact information. I could have asked for that information from this mermaid, but sadly I spaced off that they were married, as I turned around and saw a HAT!


I have to hand it to this young lady below. She designed her hat in TEN minutes! Now, I want a hat that fancy! I don’t have use for the ears, though, and the ears aren’t attached to the hat. She refused to sell it to me. 


Red Wagon comics will be arriving soon in Hays, KS. 


Lastly, and since I can’t post all the pictures and things going on at this comicon, I shall end with one of my favorite movie lines, “May the Force be with You!”


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