My Review: June the Prune and Lady Bird


June the Prune and Lady Bird: Cancer Stinks! Kids and Pets Cracking the Power Code by Gracie Bradford

First the author’s blurb found on Amazon, and then my review.

“Have you wondered what goes through the mind of a patient in isolation for nine months? What keeps them going?
June is a 10 year old girl who goes on vacation with her brother and grandmother to Europe and has the time of her life. Six months after their return from vacation, a mysterious “THING” referred to as “Noma” attacks one of the travelers spiraling them out of control. June tells her story of being in a crazy and scary environment revealing unexpected powers that help in coping with loneliness. June finds unusual friends during the darkest days. Lady Bird, the dog, ole folks, Alex and G-Mom play a pivotal role during the journey through a tunnel of darkness.”

This book’s concept is absolutely wonderful and I give Gracie a high five for that! Living in dysfunctional family home environments is tough to write about, and I come from such an environment. Many times I found myself smiling when June, Alex and their grandma, G-Mom, traveled Europe. 

Then I was assailed with tears while reading about June falling victim to cancer at age ten years. My own son fought cancer and died at age five. I feel that writing about cancer from a child’s point of view is a great topic to tackle, and having a dog named Lady Bird was healing for child as she lay in the hospital.

This story went from present tense to past tense often; and has numerous errors. In the event that Ms. Bradford should have this galley professionally edited, I will adjust my star rating accordingly.

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