The Royal Palm by Mrs. D.

Royal Palm Mrs D

The Royal Palm by Mrs. D. 

From the author:

“Honored for Excellence by the Mom’s Choice Awards

2015 Readers Favorite International Award Winner 

Recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval: age 6-8

A thought-provoking tale of the journey of a royal palm born on a tiny island surrounded by mysterious waters. This tender story explores the world of someone wrapped up in herself. Protected by her cousins, the short plain palms, the royal palm grew up beautiful, but very self-centered. Dreaming about life outside the island, she did not bother with her friends, who lived as one big family. Immersed in her own beauty, she only cared for herself, until one day a hurricane struck the tiny island. Then the royal palm discovered the true meaning of family and real friendship. Inspiring story with valuable lessons to be learned and shared.”

The Royal Palm is an enchanting read designed for ages 6-10. This book tells, and shows, the tale of a beautiful palm tree and other palm trees on a tiny island. The Royal Palm tree grew tall and silvery and becomes vain, thinking she doesn’t need her sister shorter palm trees. From the wind to the waves and the birds to the sand, everything came to life and could speak to each other. The Royal Palm thought she was better than the other shorter palm trees. When a hurricane strikes, she finds out that she does need her friends and family, and the shorter palm trees help to protect her from being uprooted. The Royal Palm learned not to snotty to the other trees and island life. A nice twist to this story is having it begin at the end making a different impact on the child who reads it and the children for whom it is read to. Grammar and language usage is perfect and the illustrations are exquisite.

I received a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

About the Author

Olga D’Agostino (aka Mrs. D.), an award-winning children’s author, was born in western Ukraine. She lived in the historical city of Lviv, where she studied business in Lviv Business College. In 1992 she immigrated to the United States with her two small daughters and for years worked in her own business. In 2011 she began her career as a writer, focusing on writing children’s books that have meaning and provide valuable lessons. Two of her children’s books, The Trees Have Hearts and Good Morning, World, won Mom’s Choice Awards in 2013, and three are winners in the 2014 Readers’ Favorite contest.  She is a member of SCBWI and speaks a few languages fluently. She lives in the famous town of Smithville, N.J., with her husband Patrick and a meticulous old cat named Nyda.

 Published children’s books by Mrs. D. include Carlo the Mouse on Vacation, The Trees Have Hearts, The City Kittens and the Old House Cat, Good Morning, World!, Runaway Clothes, The Royal Palm,  and Carlo the Mouse, Book 1: Too Many Rules for One Little Mouse.

The full series of Carlo the Mouse and her new books The Mysterious Life Inside a Closet, That Is How Things Are (two connected stories: The Autumn Wind and The Kitten and the Sparrow), and her new book, The Cat Who Wonders, by Itself, and three rhyming stories in Who Is Most Important in the Fridge? will be published in the near future. Her books are available in print on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as e-books for most popular e-devices.

She is presently working on her first novel, The Chinese Princess, and a short story, “A Taste of Bread.” For updates on Mrs. D.’s books, please visit her website:

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