The Little Girl Praying on the Hill

Little Girl Praying

The Little Girl Praying on the Hill by Mrs. D. 

From the author:

“2014 Readers Favorite International Award Winner
The Little Girl Praying on the Hill is a bittersweet story based on the emotional childhood memories of a young girl determined to understand the purpose for her existence. Growing up in a poor village of the post-World War II era in a country where half the men drink themselves to death by the age of forty, the confused child questions God. The beauty of nature around her animates her and paints the perfect combination of colors, but life in her rundown village, sinking in mud after each rainfall, is a strong contrast. She exists between two worlds: her beautiful imagination and the harsh realities of life. The picture of majestic nature does not fit with the picture that God created for the people he loves. Why did he divide this world so unevenly? Why did he drop her in the wrong place? Her emotions rise to unreachable heights and sink to devastating lows. The gripping beauty of his creation mesmerizes her young mind, but only for a moment before her memories of specific events make her doubt God’s intentions.”

The Little Girl Praying on the Hill by Mrs. D. aka Olga D’Agostino was an emotional and endearing read for me. A young girl narrates her life as she was growing up in a tiny village, and in a home with a cold dirt floor. This child narrates the harsh conditions of her life, and those of her working mother and drunk father. I was torn and just wanted to get that little girl and show her real love – precious hugs, and more. The harshness of post-WWII rural life in Europe was compelling. Children won’t be able to grasp what the narrative is about but those in mid-grade will, and they should. This is real life history in the voice of a little girl. The story gave me thought of the author, Olga D’Agostino, and I wondered if this is how she, herself, grew up in her younger years. Truly an educational read for mid-grades and for those kids to see the actual difference of what this time period and life was like, compared to today’s kids and their life with instant television, cell phones, and other gadgets.

I received a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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