How to Bait Your Blog

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This post is going to be dedicated towards defining a term that I’ve used in several posts lately (Building a Better Blog in 10 Steps, The Basics of Building a Writing Platform, etc….).  Today, I’m going to tell you exactly what I mean when I say, “bait your blog,” and give you a few tips on how to incorporate the concept into your writing.

Some advantages to baiting your blog are:

-Attract more followers/traffic to your blog or site

-Impress potential advertising companies or marketing promotions that may want to work with you

-Creates a plethora of high quality posts and pictures

-Makes your blog or site standout

If any of these advantages sound like something you would appreciate, I fully recommend you keep reading to find out how you can bait your blog right now.  The good news is that there are really only five main…

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