What’s Going on Inside the Fridge?


What’s Going on Inside the Fridge? by Mrs. D. 

My review follows the author’s book blurb found on Amazon.

“Off-kilter fun for book lovers! Be aware! This story could make you hungry! Do you ever wonder what’s really happening inside the fridge? What food does when it spots a hungry girl by the fridge? Does it run, hide, or fight? A funny and endearing look at how the fridge and its occupants behave when a little girl opens the door. This delightful story is a perfect tool for helping children understand all kinds of food. It may also inspire them to try new food that they’ve never had before. A feast for young readers’ eyes, and they’ll want to mimic the food’s upbeat attitude!”

Frank the Fridge is very sad. The little girl, Stacey, remains in the pantry and she is very hungry. The foods in the fridge are still arguing about which one is the best for Stacey to eat. When Stacey leaves the pantry, she goes to the fridge and opens the door. The healthy foods inside try to tell Stacey why they are important in her diet. Mrs. D.’s imagination shines throughout, and in the back are recipes and images for children to color. Highly recommended and Five Stars. I received a digital copy of this book and voluntarily chose to read and review it.

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