Want More Readers for Your Blog and Books? Fix These 5 Website Mistakes…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

by Gill Andrews  on Anne R. Allen site:

You didn’t sign up for this.

Writing and sharing your ideas with others – sure. But this website thing? You just wanted more people to read your stories. But now you spend hours agonizing over blog post topics, looking for free images, and figuring out why that widget on your website refuses to work.


It wouldn’t be that bad if it at least would bear fruit, but this damn website isn’t even doing its job! Where are all the new readers and book sales?

I have no idea how to write a book. But I know a lot about websites and how people view them.

And now, after we’ve bonded over how frustrating this is, I’d like to tell you something important: Your website sucks, but I’ll show how to fix it.

“But you haven’t even seen my website!”

You wish!

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