Blurbs for Non-fiction Books – Guest Post by Jaq D Hawkins…

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Do you write books on a non-fiction subject?

My first published books were in the Mind, Body, Spirit category, which whether you believe in the subject matter or not, counts as non-fiction because fiction is of course story-telling rather than imparting information. I’m in the process of re-releasing the material in those early books after the demise of the publisher and new blurb writing is in order.

All that aside, writing a blurb for a non-fiction book is different from writing one for a story, though writing for one non-fiction topic is very similar to writing the blurb for any subject.

The primary function of the non-fiction blurb is to impart information; what is the book about? What has the author got to say to readers about the subject? What qualifies the author to pontificate on the subject at all?

I find that the last point is usually best handled…

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