6 Shitty WordPress Hacks (That Actually Work)

The Shining Gem

By the end of this post, you will hate me for doing this and kick yourself for not thinking of this earlier.

  1. Always leave likes, no matter what! Doesn’t matter if you read the post or not, the mere fact that you laid your eyes on it warrants a like. Just make sure you don’t like a lot of the same person’s posts in succession, that would make you look like a tool. Just like a couple of posts and move on, that’s enough to get your name on that coveted notifications list and also to suggest that you read the posts.
  2. The above point has a drawback though. After a few “like campaigns” WordPress temporarily bans you from liking any posts for a few hours but there’s a workaround to this. Do the good ol’ blog hopping and start liking comments. This is a bit of a danger area…

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