How To Survive The Story Which Demands To Be Written Fast #MondayBlogs #AmWriting


There are some first drafts which can take months, years and even decades to write. At the other end of the spectrum there are those new stories which demand to be written fast. Words gush out of you at an alarming rate and there is no time for things like sleeping, eating or even taking toilet breaks.

Whilst writing these first drafts you forget about looking after yourself and type, ‘The End,’ sleep starved, hungry, modelling a tangled hairstyle, bleary eyed and looking like a shadow of your former self.

I experienced one of these stories last year and I wasn’t a pretty sight by the end of it, readers. The speed at which this first draft burst out of me was scary. It didn’t want to mess around.

If you have never had a story demand to be written fast and are wondering how the hell you would survive something…

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