Trying To Get Published Might Be Tough For Me But My Kids Are Getting A Valuable Life Lesson #SundayBlogShare #Writer

Lucy Mitchell

We all know the life of a writer is tough. Whether you are published or unpublished days are often spent doing one or more of the following; writing, chucking everything you have written in the bin, rewriting what you’ve retrieved from the bin, editing, getting carried away with best seller day dreams, rewriting again, crying over what is staring back at you on the page, editing again, hating every single word which you have rewritten for the zillionth time, quitting being a writer, deciding you actually love writing…after polishing off a soothing bottle of red, rewriting again, editing again, flinching at comments from beta readers, making a voodoo doll which looks like your main character, editing again and crying with joy at how well your first chapter sounds.

If you are unpublished and yet to secure a literary agent or a book deal you may also experience wonderful…

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