The Plan


The Plan by Raven H. Price

I just finished reading this amazing book and my review follows the book blurb found on Amazon.  

“As a young child, Rachel Parody has a very special relationship with Jesus. By his side, she explores a magical place, is comforted, and encouraged to not live in fear. Over time, Rachel and Jesus lose contact and evil demons use their time of separation to steer her into the ways of the world. Not until her heart is completely broken and her mind is convinced she is headed for hell will she seek a face-to-face encounter again with her Savior. At the age of thirty-four, Rachel learns to rely and depend on her childhood friend once again. He teaches her the truth and then introduces her to the love of her life.

Because of her horrific past, many years later, Rachel’s need to be a good example for young women in her church drives her to worry over their romantic influences. When she notices a series of books and movies enslaving them with lustful desires, her interest gets piqued. After investigating the books, these stories don’t repulse her but become a catalysis for Rachel to share the love of Jesus with these girls. But the fantasy appeal of the characters enthralls the girls more than helping them see there is a true immortal named, Jesus. She tried many ways to share how this love story between a mortal and a vampire was written from references out of the Bible’s ‘Song of Solomon.’ but no one would listen.

Once Rachel realizes her efforts were futile, she asks Jesus to calm her obsession and send someone who could reach the younger generation with His loving nature. Instead of sending Rachel help, Jesus convinces her to write her own story. Exposing her past was not in Rachel’s plan, but giving her life away as an example was His. 

Will Rachel tell everything?”

Above I wrote that this book was amazing and I’m writing it again! Each person has their own story in life as we know it, yet most people don’t see or understand the struggles that others hide behind a facade of sorts. Life is real, and I’ve been there, done that, doing that a little more. Life can be a huge struggle, and one can feel absolutely horrible about things in their past, and possibly in their present. “The Plan” takes a reader on a true struggle through life, all the while keeping the Lord in the narrative. Everyone makes mistakes, but no one needs to suffer from them. Evil is always nearby, and that is seen in this amazing book. Life wasn’t easy for Rachel, and it took time for her hand over her life struggles and herself to the Lord. We all need to focus more on the positives in life and our Lord. Five stars for such a wonderful book!


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