Conundrum or Not?


Conundrum or Not?

This isn’t your basic conundrum… a confusing and difficult problem or question. I don’t really think should even be construed as a possible conundrum. 

Question: How do you feel as a writer, designer, artistic person, poet, clothier, or anything…

How do you feel about a person docking you one star because they “don’t like your genre” or they think watercolors are the only way to paint and so “other media used” is docked? Granted I have only given two examples for referencing. 

One person docked me one star because they “didn’t like my genre” which, in this case is my memoir. I don’t feel like a one star docking was fair just due to the genre. Honestly, they never had to read my memoir, no one was coerced, everyone has their favorite genres, etc.

I like many genres, and occasionally I will step out to venture forth in finding a book genre that I don’t read. I give a fair review, and no docking simply because I “don’t like the genre”. In all fairness, I truly have two genres I won’t consider reading, but I do read a lot of books not in my normal genres. No one is docked for their book’s genre. How do all of you feel? 


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3 thoughts on “Conundrum or Not?

  1. I think a one-star for something totally unrelated to ‘how good is your product’, like ‘not liking the book’s genre’, is completely unfair and uncalled for, and the person ought never to have reviewed a book poorly for that. They should have considered the worthiness of the book for the genre in which it is if they were going to write a review for it at all. That’s like saying ‘I hate pasta’ but then eating a full bowl of pasta and then reviewing the restaurant for even offering a dish they personally don’t like.

    This is one of those cases where I’d forward the review and the review’s link to Amazon asking for them to please remove it, explaining politely why. It would be a very bad idea for an author to try and engage the reviewer on it, b/c if this person was petty enough to give you a one-star in the first place for this reason, they would not take well to constructive or any other kind of criticism or comments you might have. This is the kind of review that Amazon would consider a violation of their review policies, in my understanding, and in many cases, they would agree to take it down.


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