Good People Doing Good Things – Mohamed Bzeek – Redux

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Note to Readers: I am cheating on this one, for I first published this post in July 2017, just over a year ago. I know the ‘good people’ feature is one that we all look forward to every week, and I didn’t wish to disappoint you, but I simply could not focus last night for some reason. So, rather than leave you without a bit of cheer to chase away the gloom, I decided to re-post one of my favourites. Please forgive, and I will try to do an original ‘good people’ a bit later in the week. Thanks for your patience!

“I am not an angel. I am not a hero. It’s just what we are supposed to do as a human being.”

Three weeks ago I wrote about the couple, Michael and Camille Geraldi, who had adopted, over the course of 40 years, some 88 children with…

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