Bronze Medalist!!! #ReadersFavorite #RRBC



Congratulations S. Jackson, A. Raymond, and M. Schmidt!
“When Angels Fly”
is a 2018 Readers’ Favorite Bronze Medal Winner in the Non-Fiction – Audio-book genre! 



Reviewed By Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

When Angels Fly by S. Jackson, A. Raymond and M. Schmidt is a memoir of abuse, pain, and survival; a story of courage, heart-wrenching and filled with pathos. Meet Sarah Jackson, a woman who has suffered at the hands of a wicked, heartless mother. She grows up and gets married to a monster, a man who subjects her to the worst form of abuse one can imagine. And as if that isn’t enough to break her, her son suffers from cancer for months. What is it that makes her survive the pain? Where did she find the strength to stand up and to heal? 

First, I must say that the story is well-narrated and I admire Sarah for telling her story for it will encourage many other women who undergo the kind of abuses and horrible things Henry inflicted on her to speak out. The narrator, Paula Slade, did an awesome job with the story, allowing the narrative voice to come out clearly and compellingly, and conveying the pathos with such vividness that will draw tears from some readers. My emotions were rattled as I listened to this story — at times my fists clenched, at times my teeth gritted, and most of the time I cringed as I followed the story. 

When Angels Fly is emotionally rich and the reader can feel the honesty in the tone and a sense of desperation that stayed with the protagonist during many years of suffering. When Angels Fly is a powerful indictment of those who make life a living hell for others and a strong message of hope that we can transcend our hurts and embrace our freedom when we stop identifying with the message our oppressors want to convey — that we are not worth anything. A highly recommended read!

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