12 Simple Reasons Writing Is So Hard

Meg Dowell Writes

1. It looks easy from the outside.

2. You spend a lot of time looking at finished, polished products instead of imperfect, incomplete drafts.

3. Some ideas sound great in your head but not as good when you dump them onto paper.

4. Writing is a mental exercise that is more physically draining than it seems.

5. It’s also time-consuming.

6. “Research” is one of a writer’s biggest distractions.

7. It’s fun to plan out a story but not always as fun to put that plan into action.

8. The idea of having written something is more appealing than actually doing the work for most people.

9. You want everything you publish to get praise and recognition. 80% of it won’t.

10. You expect everything to come out of your head already perfect. Not happening.

11. Making money as a new writer is almost impossible, so it’s never your only…

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