Five Things Every Writer Should Have

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Hello wonderful SEers! Mae here today with a Friday Five. I hope you enjoy my list of  five things every writer should have in their arsenal. These may be abstract, but I think you’ll recognize their importance:

1. Supportive Loved Ones
a group of kittens in a basketNon-writers don’t often understand what authors go through. We seal ourselves away, hunched over a keyboard, and block the outer world. Sooner or later, no matter how diligent our attempts to balance family life and writing, our craft can infringe on time spent with loved ones.

When we’re writing into the wee hours of the morning, or putting off dinner “just one more hour,” it’s great to have family and friends who understand that the life of a writer spins on a different axis.

sea turtle swimming with shell above the water2. A Tough Exterior
There’s a lot of the obvious in this one. Writers are subject to having  work rejected and garnering bad reviews. Sooner…

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