Twitter: Another Tool in an Author’s Arsenal

GJ Stevens

In today’s post I try not to sound like a grandad teaching his grandchildren to use a computer as I provide an introduction to one of the most popular social media platforms today, micro-blogging site, Twitter.

Just for clarification, I’m nowhere near being a grandad yet, but I am still a relative notice when it comes to social media and in particular for Twitter, having only been using the platform since July this year, so less than two months. I have around 1,730 followers and my top tweet earned 3,000 impressions and 60 people engaged with it. In this short period I’ve learnt so much and I thought I’d explain for those who would like to start using the platform and want a head start, or those thinking about using Twitter as part of their strategy for building an author platform.


As always if I get anything wrong or you…

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