Sites That Pay You For Your Writing

Nicholas C. Rossis

Make money writing-finance | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's book

Making it as a writer is tough. But if you love writing, you can’t imagine doing anything else. Maybe these links, compiled by freelance writer Jasmine Eclipse, will help you find some paid work to help you make a career out of your passion!

Sites that pay you for your writing


  • Pay: This Disney company pays up to $150 per article
  • Topics: Family, parenting, lifestyle


  • Pay: Up to $250 per article
  • Topics: Comedy, pop culture, personal experiences

Paste Magazine

  • Pay: ~$50 per article (in the form of feature profiles, essays, reviews)
  • Topics: Music, TV, video games


  • Pay: ~$75 per article
  • Topics: Video games, anime, pop culture

Confrontation Magazine

  • Pay: Up to $200 per article
  • Topics: Short stories, poetry, nonfiction

Affiliate sites for writers

  • Mixbook — 15% per sale and $20 affiliate bonuses
  • Blurb — 15% per sale, plus affiliate bonuses and free products
  • Grammarly — $20…

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