How to remove your paperback from KDP Expanded Distribution to sell your book via IngramSpark – by Jay Artale…

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on Birds of a Feather Press:

Switching from Amazon Expanded Distribution

I use different distribution models for my various ebooks, some are enrolled in Amazon KDP Select, some are consolidated through a distributor (Draft2Digital), and others use a mix model of direct with the core 5 (Amazon, Google, Kobo, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble) and everyone else through Draft2Digital. It can get complex and messy the more books you have, but I don’t think a one-size-fits all approach to self-publishing is effective if you’re writing different genres of books. Because my ebook distribution models are complex, I’ve kept my paperback distribution model really, really simple—and up until now I’ve distributed exclusively through Amazon KDP print on demand.

I was a latecomer to print, I wasn’t sure the time, money and effort to create an additional cover and do the internal formatting was worth it. But my niches (travel guides…

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