One last time, one more warning to avoid getting caught

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And hopefully, we can avoid all the weird crooks in cyberspace.

I’m adding one more, and fingers crossed the last warning about fraudsters. Of course, someone, somewhere will find a new angle to try and part us from our hard earned money. And often the target is a writer. Sigh.

It’s a nasty business that requires us to stay vigilant against people who wish to make a buck by crushing our dreams. Don’t let them succeed. scammer and your money

Writers everywhere, this one included, are setting New Year’s resolutions to publish a book in 2019. However, there are people out there who wish to impede your success. Yes, you heard right. Scammers are rehashing, reworking and launching new attacks with old tricks. Stay alert. There are fraudsters who prey on your desire to publish.

Don’t become another statistic.

A grateful shout out goes to for an important article filled with information…

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