The Last Vestal Virgin


The Last Vestal Virgin is the third book I’ve read written by Lorraine Carey.

Amazon Book Blurb:

The stars were aligned, the portals were ready and the chaos had begun.

History meets mystery here, in this spine tingling tale of the Supernatural.
Christina Ciccone will uncover a dark secret about herself that had been hidden
for many years and embarks on an unbelievable journey she never signed up for.
However, she was not ready to leave this lifetime. Raised in a strict Italian
– American home, she was surrounded by love and pampered like a princess. So
why had she experienced nightmares and panic attacks for so many years? What
she didn’t know was that she had another family waiting for her from another
lifetime. Christina recently graduated from high school and had big plans for
college. While enjoying a trip to Rome with her history club, the nightmares
return and she is faced with bizarre encounters while touring many of the ancient
ruins, causing her to become ill. She is now faced with powerful supernatural
forces when one Roman goddess and her priestesses have decided this would be
Christina’s last trip. They would take her to a realm where she would never return.
She was never aware that these mysterious events had been planned since her birth. History has its own karma, and all will unfold here for Christina with an obsessive lover and Rome’s ancient cult of the Vestal Virgins vying to control her destiny. The story holds many true interesting facts on Rome’s Vestal Virgins, climaxing with a most shocking Paranormal twist.

I chose this book as the subject matter of ancient Rome interested me.
Carey has woven Rome’s rich history into a book written in current time.
The story line is quite deep actually and there is much that one can learn
as one reads about Christina and the other characters. The ending was a
huge surprise for me. Five stars.

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