Five Things I’ve Learned as a Writer – Guest Post by Traci Kenworth…

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I’ve been writing since I was old enough to discover books. Some of you may not know but I was serious about being a writer at the age of eighteen but then an abusive marriage cranked into the works and many dark years later, I started over, determined to follow my dreams again. Here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. If someone doesn’t believe in you, they’re not quite worth ruining your life over. I have a new support group now in my kids, my family, my friends, my crit partners, and the bloggers I’ve met along the way. Not to mention, one day, I can finally add readers to that list.
  2. It takes as many drafts as it does. First drafts are messy unless you edit as you go along. I try not to. Yes, I do a lot of rewriting, but each draft makes it that more polished than before. Sometimes…

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