A HUGE Honor Today

I still can’t wrap my head around this honor.

When Angels Fly

So happy, now I’m crying to be so honored by such a world wide literary organization. Happy Tears. This organization has writers from 105 countries united in Christ, many are Nobel Prize nominees, and United Nations literary chair holders.


Dear Authors,
The Ambassador De Literature award maintains qualitative literary ethics, it’s given with a dual purpose as below.

* To give focus on global talent

* To make sure all national micro talents are applauded and merged with the macro United world of literature

We have so far awarded, and identified talents in 28 nations. The people have been chosen with an unbiased approach attempting to cover all nations by Motivational Strips.  We have honoured from small countries to big nations like from Bhutan to US.  Our search for national talents of every countries continues and we will make sure that Motivational Strips will leave no stones unturned in finding national…

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