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If you’ve been following me on twitter @CaffeinatedFae you have probably seen the huge scandal about Cristiane Serruya who has plagiarized at least 52 books, 34 authors, 3 articles, 3 websites, & 2 recipes. I’m creating this post so that everyone can support the real authors and buy the books that were so amazing #CopyPasteCris thought they needed to be stolen.

Looking for more explanation? Here are some good places to look Courtney Milan’s post, a comment from one of her ghostwriters, & Smart Bitches Trashy Books’ Post, & Nora Roberts’ response. Amazon links provided by Jeanna Louise Skinner. You can follow her at https://twitter.com/JeannaLStars. Barnes & Noble links provided by me.

Books Plagiarized:

  1. Abby Green –
  2. Airicka Phoenix
  3. Alexandra Ivy

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