7 Tips to Being Precognitive

Legends of Windemere

Philip J. Fry

Don’t we all wish at times to be able to see even a little into the future?  Guess not everyone, but it could have some advantages.  You’ll definitely know about the weather or traffic.  Waking up will tell you if it’s worth getting out of bed.  No more paying for movies since you can see the ending . . . Well, I guess we already have the Internet for that one.  Still, this would be a fun power, but with a lot of danger.  Maybe one needs a few guidelines to using precognition.

  1. Be careful who you talk to about your powers.  Sharing your gift so openly is bound to attract the attention of unsavory folks.  Not only gamblers, but criminals of all kinds who want to see if they can get away with things.  We’re talking cheating on your math final all the way to jaywalking. …

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