Key Publishing Lessons from a Writing Event

Uninspired Writers

Last week I attended a writing event and shared key writing lessons on this blog. As promised, this week I’m focusing on the publishing lessons, which formed a huge portion of the day.

This insight was delivered by author Sarah Juckes and agents Hannah Ferguson, Imogen Pelham and Sandra Sawicka. I hope you find it as helpful and interesting as I did!

1. Do your research
There are loads of agents and publishers out there, each with different preferences. If you don’t do your research and find out more about these preferences you could waste your time, and theirs, by sending manuscripts to people who simply aren’t interested in your genre/style.
novel writing2. Make sure your query letter has a “point of contact”
It’s not uncommon to submit to a number of agents, in fact it’s expected. But that doesn’t mean every query letter should be the same. Work…

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