Mr. Getaway and the Christmas Elves


I just finished this book by Sally Huss. Excerpt found on Amazon below, then my review. 

“What do elves do? They work… and they work happily and give freely.

A classroom full of kids is excited that their substitute teacher, Mr. Getaway, is going to take them on a field trip. Mr. Getaway always has the something exciting in mind and this trip is not different – Santa’s workshop!

Elves are everywhere, working happily, and creating mounds of toys. There is not a sad face in all the activity. Not a bit of complaining about the work. What did the kids learn from watching the elves? They learned that work is good! Santa agreed!

All in rhyme, this delightful story is charmingly illustrated with over 40 images.

If you enjoy the books of Dr. Seuss, the Berenstains, Suzy Spafford, Sandra Boynton, and Laura Numeroff, you’ll love MR. GATEAWAY AND THE CHRISTMAS ELVES.

You might also want to take a peek at THE TREE-WITHIN-THE TREE, another delightful holiday book by Sally Huss.

This children’s picture book is part of the wonderful collection of children’s books by Sally Huss.”

My review:

I fell in love with the illustrations as they were simple yet conveyed so much joy and happiness. The story is perfect for Christmas and any time of year, actually, due to the message. I fully ascribe to “give to others without expectations in return” and this is a true way to provide happiness to self and others. Five Stars!

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