While He Lay Passed Out


While He Lay Passed Out

There he lay in a heap on the couch,
Speaking in a slurred voice slouch;
Earlier, her head smashed through plaster,
The kitchen wall left in disaster;
Both her boys bore wide eyewitness,
While her broken body lay listless;
“Mom, please wake up! He is asleep”,
She struggled as her blood did seep;
And hugged her boys close to her side,
Mustering strength, her eyes she dried;
She packed boxes with clothes and toys,
While telling her sons to not make noise;
Quietly they helped load the old car,
As she drove away, she saw the house from afar;
Never again would she allow this abuse,
It was time now for no disuse;
They fled during the night,
Safe from the monster’s bite;
Arriving safely to their new house,
She locked the door from her spouse;
The law officers kept them safe,
No longer was she just a waif;
A happy home she did make,
She was strong and did not break.

© Mary Schmidt 22 Feb 2020


#domesticabuse @marymichaelschmidt #abuse #alcoholic #bereaved #PTSD #depression #boys #strength #MaryLSchmidt 

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