Prom and Graduation Amid COVID-19


PROM: I have a solution for prom in a small town and it can be lots of fun.

1. Promenade: can be done out of doors (if no rain), in a city park, one couple at a time walking using Social Distancing. No parents or family present! TWO adults present to take videos and pictures for all prom goers to share with family and friends. This CAN be done safely. ONE adult present to make sure Social Distancing is practiced!

2. Dance and Food: parents can host four couples each in their home providing music for dancing and food to eat. Finger foods and disposable utensils, plates, sanitizer wipes for all present. This is a 10 (TEN) person, or less, event in the host home. Cozy but can be lots of fun and a memorable prom.

3. Decorating: teenagers can be quite creative in designing fun decorations in host home. Make a fun and snazzy spot for couples to have pictures taken.

4. I think you get the idea and can come up with wonderful ways to make Prom 2020 a huge success. © Mary L. Schmidt 18 March 2020

High School/College Graduation: in a small town this is easy to have a solution that works. Kids – be creative.

1. The Valedictorian and Salutatorian can record their speech and comments for each class member to have.

2. Pictures can be taken in homes or outdoors with groups of 10 or less. Use sanitizer. Decorate your caps and create!

3. No stage walking, no shaking hands, have diplomas mailed out. Even with sanitizer wipes, walking a stage and shaking hands is a bad idea. Even walking a stage with Social Distancing is a bad idea.

4. Plan graduation parties of 10 or less people in parents homes. Have fun, eat food, just be careful. This is doable and fun. You make it fun. Honestly, this can be fun and memorable. Play Pomp and Circumstance in the pre-selected homes for groups of 10 or less. Create an area for graduation pictures with diplomas to be taken. Share the pictures with family and friends.

5. COVID-19 won’t change but senior students can make this a fun and great event if they choose to do so.

6. I have more suggestions, but I think the students should have input.

7. For all high schools and colleges do a Facebook live speech. Get the interactions from classmates, friends, and family and the comments. We are digital age. © Mary L Schmidt 187 March 2020

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