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Break the Silence: An Anthology Against Domestic Violence is a wonderful book on poetry dealing with domestic abuse of women, and men. While reading through the poems contained herein, one realizes the true travesty of domestic violence and how that violence spreads past the home life and into the community and world. Instead of Silence, time has long come for speak up, and write out about this world wide issue. Each poem is special and unique, stressing real life, and what happens to both men and women, as well as even the worst part of being murdered. I am honored to be the first reviewer on Amazon for this Five Star read. My contribution below: 

While He Lay Passed Out

There he lay in a heap on the couch,

Speaking in a slurred voice slouch;

Earlier, her head smashed through plaster,

The kitchen wall left in disaster;

Both her boys bore wide eyewitness,

While her broken body lay listless;

“Mom, please wake up! He is asleep”,

She struggled as her blood did seep;

And hugged her boys close to her side,

Mustering strength, her eyes she dried;

She packed boxes with clothes and toys,

While telling her sons to not make noise;

Quietly they helped load the old car,

As she drove away, she saw the house from afar;

Never again would she allow this abuse,

It was time now for no disuse;

They fled during the night,

Safe from the monster’s bite;

Arriving safely to their new house,

She locked the door from her spouse;

The law officers kept them safe,

No longer was she just a waif;

A happy home she did make,

She was strong and did not break. © Mary Schmidt 22 Feb 2020

Mary L Schmidt aka S. Jackson is a retired registered nurse noted for nursing academic excellence, community involvement, graduating with high honors and inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. She has written 18 plus books from memoirs, children’s books, and part of several anthologies. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

#Abuse #domesticabuse #murder #rape #fear #hopeless #lost #angermanagement 

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