Loving Guidance


From the author:

“Bree and Micah are eternal soul mates and have been lovers through many lives together. However, in this lifetime, Bree is in physical form here on Earth while Micah is in the spirit world as her guide.

They desperately yearn for each other, and Bree convinces Micah to come to Earth so that they can be together. Micah goes against advice and protocol, and he agrees to appear in physical form to be with Bree. However, when he does, it changes everything and becomes more than either of them were prepared for.”

My review:

This wasn’t what I had thought I would be reading. Even for a short story, I had expected more depth, more divinity, more something, less repetition in written sentences. Two characters carry the story entirely. Additional paranormal elements would have made this love story better. Mice read. 

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