Murder on Tyneside

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Book blurb found on Amazon:

“Recently widowed Agnes Lockwood is spending a few days on Tyneside in Northeast England, catching up with her past. When expensive jewelry is stolen at the hotel, Chief Inspector Alan Johnson gets on the case.

After Alan recognizes Agnes as a friend from schooldays, they rekindle their friendship and Agnes bombards him with questions about the case. But after dinner one evening, they find a body lying on the roadside.

Fearing for her safety, Alan warns Agnes to stay away from the case. But being an inquisitive woman, Agnes cannot resist getting involved… too involved.”

My review: 

This is the second book I’ve read by this author. Having always loved Nancy Drew books as a child, I was anxious to get this book started. I wasn’t disappointed, and yet I was disappointed. The errors didn’t take away from the story and I found the interwoven mystery complex and interesting. I found Agnes interesting, but nosy and always trying to be where the action was at the moment and that was dangerous. The chief inspector was even worse as he let Agnes get to him which hindered his job and her safety. I would dislike seeing innocent people without police training, such as Agnes, get involved with more than one murder and the main inspector allowing his attentions to leave the job at hand just to think about Agnes. Murder/mystery persons will like this book. 

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