Don’t Feed the Elephant @513sherrye


Don’t Feed the Elephant by Sherry Ellis

From the author:

“Alphabetical fun with food!

Get ready for some seriously messy fun with food in this entertaining picture book…
…Best story line from A to Z and with wonderful and delightful illustrations to match.
…as entertaining as it is educational.

This charming new children’s story by award-winning author Sherry Ellis won’t just entertain kids with its hilarious descriptions and zany main character. It will also educate them about the alphabet and help them learn the order of letters. As the elephant works his way through foodstuffs, each new dish features a new letter of the alphabet. From animal crackers to zebra cakes, the elephant is enthusiastic to gobble everything up, even when it lands him in hot water!

The narrator starts off by warning the readers that you should never, ever feed the elephant, even if he says, “Pretty please with sugar on top!” Everything the elephant eats just ends up turning into a huge mess. He’ll give you gooey chocolate kisses after eating brownies, fire animal crackers out of his trunk, and juggle eggs and French fries at the same time. The elephant is more interested in throwing hamburgers like Frisbees and using noodles as jump ropes than having a proper meal. You can’t stay mad at him for too long, however. His adorable antics will entertain both you and all the little elephants you share them with!”

My review:

I absolutely loved this book by Sherry Ellis “Don’t Feed the Elephant.” Learning the alphabet using a elephant eating various food items with awesome consequences had me laughing the entire time. All ages will love this beautifully illustrated book for kids. Honestly, all parents, children, and teachers should have this book in their arsenal of books in their library. Five stars all the way! 

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