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I know this nurse who wrote what I will add in quotes below. She is truly awesome and quite smart,a beautiful woman inside and out. She epitomizes professionalism. We had some nursing classes together, and we both worked at SHRC in different areas. Hers was cardiac and ICU (plus she has other experience with a surgical hospital and a lot more), mine was PICC lines, hard IV’s, chemotherapy, cardiac, trauma, blood transfusions and more – many outpatient infusion therapy plus more, peds, etc. Ultimately, she became a nurse practitioner. I know her siblings. She is from Ellsworth County. I know her children and her grands. This woman speaks volumes without saying one single word. If I needed a nurse, she is the one I would choose. She chose, along with other nurses, to go to the front lines, and help New York City. Below is her update. I’m not using her name as I don’t know if she wants this out to others and I respect her choice, whatever it is, as she is so busy I’m not going to ask her if I can use her name as that will take away precious time, and she needs her time – for her patients and for herself. Many know her. I just want you to know what ONE SINGLE NURSE is doing, what’s happening, and to please pray for her and the others fighting this pandemic. Please pray. Thank you.

“Just a quick update- transferred to working in a 12 bed ICU for Covid + patients. All on vents. Ranging in age from 20-70s. Younger patients without any underlying health issues. 3 codes in 1 hour. Constant paging for RT and anesthesia for more intubations. The hospital has converted 4 units to ICUs for Covid + patients aside from their regular ICU. Many nurses who came here to help leave after one shift- no judgement – it is a lot to take in. You see enough tragedies in one shift that normally you may see in months or a year. Aside from all the bad- there is a lot of good. A sense of community. Strangers from all over coming here to help NY, helping each other cope with this war zone. The people of New York are so appreciative we are here. We have plenty of PPE. Don’t stop believing plays overhead every time a Covid patient is successfully extubated. Every night at 7 pm shift change the firefighters and NYPD sound off their sirens and horns and people cheer and clap- all to show support for those on the frontlines. We are provided meals free of charge and given care packages. I’m certain this will be the hardest yet most rewarding experience of my career.”

#Bravo times one million and then again to my friend.

6 thoughts on “#FrontLines New York City @MaryLSchmidt #ASMSG #COVID19

  1. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming. My sons bring free meals to the hospital staff because they have a little Mexican restaurant. It is all very overwhelming. Thank you for sharing.

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    • It is heartbreaking Gwen. Are you in New England or still west coast now? The whole situation if tragic. I love my nurse friend. If I needed a nurse, I’d want Janeen – no last name on here. I will post another update from her today.


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