#FrontLines New York City @MaryLSchmidt #ASMSG #COVID19 Part Two


My dear friends 11th day on the front lines in New York City. She Kansas for NYC to help them out at the their battle zone. 

My RN friend’s 11th day on the #FrontLines #COVID19 #NYC

“Day 11 was a rough day. We are bused to the hospital and leave our hotel at 0640. We get back to our hotel between 8 and 8:30 at night and have to decontaminate and shower before we are allowed to leave our rooms. Yesterday no breaks. We walked in the ICU a little after 0700 yesterday morning and started coding our first patient. 4 of our 12 patients just on my unit coded and died yesterday. The youngest was in her 40’s and the oldest was 83. I think about who they were a few months ago before falling ill- someone’s mother, father, spouse, sibling, co-worker- all of who can not be by their sides as they fight this. Again overhead paging all day for RT and anesthesia and code blues. I knew this would be difficult. Please heed the warnings. This virus does not discriminate. I am doing well, staying focused, trying to stay positive and find the good- yesterday 16 Covid+ patients recovered and were discharged home from the hospital I’m working at 💞. I have made some great friends here in NY and from all over the country and we are a great support system for each other but hearing from you all through texts, FB messages and calls means so much. Thank you and keep sending prayers and good vibes from home 💞 “

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