Fat Dogs and French Estates, Part 2


Amazon book blurb: 

With six failures so far and six more properties to see, Beth, her irascible husband, Jack, and their two fat dogs continue their hunt for a country domaine in France. As tensions rise, Beth’s anxieties switch from house-hunting failures to fears that Jack is finally going to lose it altogether and come to blows with “yet another incompetent” estate agent. In spite of this and a dog who insists on trying to die, they battle on exhausted but determined to realise their dream. Will it end in tears? 

This is the hilarious second instalment of the Haslams’ French adventures.

My review:

I just finished reading Fat Dogs and French Estates by Beth Haslam. One finds a huge amount of British humor thrown in throughout. Having a huge reading “career’ spanning many decades on both sides of the “pond”, I knew the slang and intent. This well written book was hilarious and I will be reading the rest of the book series. The ideal domaine was found, and bought, but what happened after the movers removed the home’s furnishings I leave for the next reader. Five huge stars!

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