The Smoke Tree


The Smoke Tree by Stefanie Nici

Blurb found on Amazon:

What’s a girl to do after it all falls apart?
That is what Tora McAllister must learn after her husband’s sudden trip to the hospital leads her to the surprise of her life. Feeling abandoned and alone, she is left to figure it out on her own.
Enter Peanut, a Yorkie Terrier her sister Courtney drops into Tora’s frazzled lap. Peanut’s presence brings her new joy, as well as a friendship with a popular neighbor and a handsome veterinarian, shaking up Tora’s life even more. Finding it difficult to let go of what was, will Tora welcome new beginnings with open arms or continue clinging to a hopeless past?


I just finished this romance book by Stefanie Nice. The book is well-written in a nice flow style. I was able to relate to the protagonist as I had a bad first marriage, and I was in a similar situation. The true love that all people yearn for is out there and one needs to open themselves to what could be, if they have a feeling of “she/he is the one” for them. This book has all the feels of a bad marriage as well as the feels of a new full love. Perfect combination. Five stars.

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