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Possessions of the Human Kind

I just finished reading this book.

From the author on Amazon:

As Christian psychiatrist Dr. Leslie Johnson arrives in Humanity Ville, Texas, she faces the supernatural battle of her life. Demons masquerade as ghosts and infiltrate the withdrawn, peculiar town including The Hope Psychiatric Facility. Many rumor that the institution is indeed haunted and inhabits paranormal activity. The fact that the insane asylum rests on a hill only increases their paranoia.

While Dr. Johnson meets with her patients, she soon discovers what torments one particular patient, Olga Benner is demonic possession. Suddenly, it seems every apparition and the paranormal activity is gunning for Leslie Johnson, even going as far as assaulting patients.

Leslie doesn’t believe she is much of a Christian yet the evil forces continue coming against her even terrorizing her in her apartment at night. Then a night of horror, with a particular patient, assaults, and sacrifices, including apparitions of dead people has Leslie question why the Lord has brought her to such a place.
Detectives who investigate, come to grips with evidence proving paranormal activity at the hospital. They cannot fight the evil with a mere weapon, and shortly realize the ghostly rumors about the mental facility are valid. They remain by Leslie as she’s the target.
The Head of Psychiatrists continues butting heads with Leslie and upon bringing a psychic into the dreaded unit 5 only heightens the problems.
Spells, witchcraft, Wiccan practices and astral projection including a Ouija board, is it no match to the power of Jesus?

Will Leslie see who she is in Jesus so she can fight? When will she see that the Holy Spirit which raised Jesus Christ from the dead now lives in her? It’s a thrill-seeking, suspense ridden read!

My review:

I found this story to be rather awesome actually, and the battle between Jesus and Christians versus Satan and his minions, along with a mental hospital thrown in to be a great read. Five stars. Real life happens, and the presence of evil is in all of our lives. What we so to prevent that evil from influencing us, is up to us, we must be full of faith and God. With God, all things can be overcome.

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The Smoke Tree


The Smoke Tree by Stefanie Nici

Blurb found on Amazon:

What’s a girl to do after it all falls apart?
That is what Tora McAllister must learn after her husband’s sudden trip to the hospital leads her to the surprise of her life. Feeling abandoned and alone, she is left to figure it out on her own.
Enter Peanut, a Yorkie Terrier her sister Courtney drops into Tora’s frazzled lap. Peanut’s presence brings her new joy, as well as a friendship with a popular neighbor and a handsome veterinarian, shaking up Tora’s life even more. Finding it difficult to let go of what was, will Tora welcome new beginnings with open arms or continue clinging to a hopeless past?


I just finished this romance book by Stefanie Nice. The book is well-written in a nice flow style. I was able to relate to the protagonist as I had a bad first marriage, and I was in a similar situation. The true love that all people yearn for is out there and one needs to open themselves to what could be, if they have a feeling of “she/he is the one” for them. This book has all the feels of a bad marriage as well as the feels of a new full love. Perfect combination. Five stars.

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To fully open each other and enjoy a lifetime of love, we must learn the most important skill of all, forgiveness. Forgiving others for their mistakes not only frees you to love again but allows you to forgive yourself for not being perfect.

When we don’t forgive in one relationship, our love is restricted in all our relationships. When a heart is blocked in one relationship, it beats more weakly in them all. We stubbornly hold on to bitterness and resentment not because we are not loving, but because we do not know how to forgive.


If when we were children our parents had asked for our forgiveness when they made mistakes, we would know how to forgive. If we had watched them forgive each other, we would better know how to forgive. If we had experienced being forgiven for our own mistakes, we would…

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