Ollie Orangutan

The Adventure of Ollie Orangutan by Larry Landgraf

Found on Amazon:

In the beginning, all animals were born wild and free. Ollie, however, was born in a cage and has spent his entire life in a zoo. Everything he knew, he learned from his mother and through the bars of his confinement. His life was totally dependent upon humans. He always had plenty to eat and it was fun watching the humans who visited daily, especially the little ones. Life was comfortable and Ollie grew up soft.

But as fate would have it, that is all going to change. Ollie is thrown into a completely new environment of which he knows nothing. Ollie will have to learn new things in order to survive without the help of humans. He will make new friends, but the real world is wild. He will also find those who would hurt him. Can he toughen up and make a new life for himself? 

My Review:

I found this to be a charming and delightful short story for kids. Ollie Orangutan ends up in a swamp after a train derailment. The ensuing story speaks of a lot, including the differences between wildlife, domestic animals, and those in a zoo, and how they source their food and shelter. Despite numerous pitfalls along the way, Ollie survives, gains three new friends, and ends up in a loving new home. Five stars!

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