Mr. Rabbit #ASMSG @MaryLSchmidt

Finally, an eBook link for this new book! $2.99 This enchanting fairy tale, Shadow and Friends Meet Mr. Rabbit, brings forth children’s vivid imaginations as they read about the adventures of Shadow and her friends meeting Mr. Rabbit and his family. Children learn how squirrels and rabbits react and play together in real life, and in fairy tale life in a game of Hopscotch. Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit speak, and Baby Rabbit has a pacifier in his mouth that children will laugh and find enchanting. The rabbits are “wacky” rabbits as they are not the typical looking bunny rabbits, since they are dressed and have fun expressions on their faces. More fun ensues as they decorate eggs for Easter and two baby chicks stop by to say hello. As this children’s picture book is Christian themed, children learn about Jesus and how Easter came about in real life, near the end of the story, and in a manner that young children will understand. A young child knows about death from an early age and reading to or with them about the greatest story ever told is loving and heartwarming. Children learn that we will see our loved ones again, and Easter means that there is life after we die, and that death is not scary at all.

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