Help Humanity!

#HowNotToWinFriendsOrInfluencePeople Help Humanity!

(*If you offend easily, STOP reading!)

Reading about a CEO helping out the nurses of a hospital by emptying trash and running a vacuum as being helpful is wrong. That is NOT helping and thus it is wrong. Especially when it is wrong!

How to Help Nursing Staff:

Volunteer to don PPE and sit with a patient, (not on work time nor being paid for this at all), for two hours. That will give the staff a true break, allowing them to catch a breath, eat, and help other patients.

I encourage all employees of ANY hospital to volunteer their time, when possible, to help the nursing staff and to help humanity. ESPECIALLY HUMANITY!!

#covid19longhauler #Covid19survivor #COVID19 #helpnursingstaff #onceanursealwaysanurse #onceateacheralwaysateacher

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