Beneath the Poison Tree

From Amazon: Dawn, a woman unfulfilled and living her life vicariously through her sister, has found a way to come to terms with her lot, investing all her energy into maintaining the close family ties – strong bonds that are complex and not how they appear to others. When faced with the shock of betrayal, threatening to derail all she holds precious, Dawn commits an unspeakable act – one that goes undetected but, later, comes back to haunt her. A tragic accident brings an unexpected turn in her life and, in its aftermath, an opportunity for Dawn to realise her dreams. But fate has other things in store and she is unprepared for the arrival of a stranger, whose untimely intrusion wreaks havoc with her plans. Can Dawn dispose of the problem as she’s done in the past, or are the obstacles too great? A family drama, steeped in suspense, that delves into the mind of a woman obsessed and the lengths she will go to when her life starts to unravel.

My Review: Beneath the Poison Tree was not what I expected. Wow. Just wow. This book is tightly woven with drama and suspense aplenty. The author definitely got into the sick psychology of the antagonist in this five star read! Dawn, the antagonist, is truly obsessed, and the more I read, the more I wondered about life and realized this novel has the makings for a great movie!

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