Romeo and… Where’s Juliet?

From Amazon: As the curtain goes up on a Broadway show, you kind of expect the lead actress to be there. When Juliet vanishes just hours before opening night, a note in her dressing room leads everyone at Broadway’s Carson Theater to believe she has fled the theater with stage fright. Everyone except twelve year old Danni, the daughter of the stage manager, who suspects something more sinister – a kidnapping. When her mom refuses to believe her, Danni teams up with the son of the new technical director – a shy, gadget-loving kid named Hugo – to uncover the truth. Can they find Juliet before the curtain rises?
ROMEO AND… WHERE’S JULIET? is a fast-paced and fun Broadway adventure.

My Review: This is a great story for middle grade readers. Romeo and Juliet in a different twist. The main protagonist takes you on an kidnapping adventure and a tour of a Broadway play and theater. As the story unfolds, the readers learns of the terminology used in this kind of production work. Adding in a kidnapping of the star of the show and things become serious. Two kids finally figure out the culprit and the end comes together brilliantly. Five stars.

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