The Smiley Girl

The Smiley Girl by Ornella Ngabire (Author), Emmanuel Ndayishimiye (Author)

From Amazon: Cindy; the smiley little girl reminds us through her kindness calendar that we should always be kind to one another. No matter what life throws at us, we always have the power to choose how we will react. When we do something kind, we help fill someone else’s bucket.

My Review: Kindness Matters! What a great children’s book and subject to write about. I loved the way this little girl decided to be positive and create a “Kindness Calendar” so that she could document kind things she could do, and did do. Cindy is the little girl and she proves kindness can be done anywhere and always for free. Children are encouraged to show and be kind to others and many examples are provided. Five huge stars!

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