#Conspiracy Stories #Intrigue

From Amazon:

WITHIN “CONSPIRACY STORIES,” you’d find three chilling and addictive stories to awaken your mind. THE DARK SECRET is a riddle of rumours, mysterious incidents, truth, and crime. Cindy Norton returns from France to surprise her parents in Cypriot when the borders were reopened after the lockdown. In a series of mysterious incidents, she and her boyfriend Tim, are hailed by the Police as heroes, for their part in solving a serious crime. What was the dark secret? EXEMPTION TO KILL. Brigitte Stone ignores her parents’ advice and rushes into marriage with a foreigner whom she met online. After a blissful honeymoon, her husband Jerry changed drastically and she could not recognize him. Did he really try to kill her when she told him she was pregnant? Or did she imagine it? HER STALKER. The third story revolves around a young woman named Jane Reid, who left her husband, Rod. She returned to her parent’s home and took a job as a psychiatric aide with her Dad. Events that followed, led her to believe that Rod was stalking her. Was Rod her stalker, or was it someone else that she least suspected?

My Review: Chilling when you have a stalker, and no idea who it is, and said stalker decides to damage your car enough for felony charges. Sometimes, as humans, we tend to toss people away so they don’t have to worry about one’s health or cancer or any need, in reality, it’s best to keep your loved ones close. Love and kindness are the keys in all situations.

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