#HerHeart Might Hit #One by @MaryLSchmidt #Romance #Love #ASMSG #Art #Artist #Vulnerable #Woman #CoPrmosRT #Christian

Climbing the ranks! $1.99 Visions of her Cherokee grandmother, Cordie flashed through Sarah’s mind as her abusive husband brutally raped her repeatedly shortly after giving birth. He took what he wanted, leaving her bloody body to be filled with years of physical pain and emotional scars that led her to believe she was worthless, and a happy life was hopeless. Sarah tried many times to leave but that was always futile. She felt useless. Her life was shattered once again when her oldest son, John, died at birth and Simon, her youngest endured a horrific cancer battle. With her only living son, Daniel she felt renewed strength knowing Cordie was watching over them always. She finally had the courage with the help of Cordie’s visions from the spirit world to leave her abusive husband and make a new life for her and her son. Her new oath to her and Daniel was that no one would ever hurt either of them. Romantic love never existed for Sarah, although she had room in her heart for love. Life taught her to be wary, until the day an old friend from her past, Aaron came back into her life. Would she finally find and know true love? Could Aaron break through the walls that surrounded her? Cordie’s Cherokee spirit helped guide Sarah. Dare she hope for love once? Could a real romance happen?

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