Christmas at Bay Tree Cottage

From Amazon: ‘The perfect Christmas read to touch the heart’ Bestselling author Christie Barlow. The countdown to Christmas is usually a magical time, but Elana James is fed up with living on a building site! The renovations on her beautiful cottage – like her heart – have been frozen in limbo ever since she was unexpectedly widowed. Elana calls in a professional, Luke Stevenson, to help finish the cottage, so her little girl can send letters to Santa up the newly-repaired chimney. Luke’s kind, capable and sexy – but he’s also ten years younger than Elana. So why has her heart decided it’s finally time for a thaw?

My review: I love books that have Christmas feel to them,and this romance novel does have that going for it. I wanted the main protagonists to end up together but the crazy things in life kept getting in the way and no one wants second best. Plenty of angst and lots of love. One awesome touch is there is an angel in the mix. Five stars.

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